Dry Creek Historical Society


Granary Restoration Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting:

We are happy to announce our Granary Restoration Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting on May 2nd. The Boise State University Construction Management Dept., led by Chairman Casey Cline, has been working to restore and save the Granary. We will have a public event as we celebrate the opening and restoration.

As we looked around at our buildings and property last year, we realized that the Farmstead Granary was in the worst shape. It was leaning and probably wouldn’t stay up for  much longer. The building has been standing since the late 1800’s.

The Dry Creek Historical Society partnered with the Boise State University Construction Management Department, lead by Casey Cline and put together a plan for the restoration of the Farmstead Granary building. The project started with planning last spring and construction started last fall. We plan to have the Farmstead Granary building finished and have a grand-opening/ribbon cutting ceremony on our open day, Saturday, May 2nd. The building will be open to the public after that date.

This process sounds simple, but actually the building needed to have a foundation put under it and then restored with the same materials as it was built with originally.

We are tried to use as much of the original materials as we could and then make sure that any other materials are a close match to the originals.

Watch our progress.

It’s exciting.

We can’t wait to show you the finished building


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